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Grassroots Bottomless Soil Pot

Grassroots Bottomless Soil Pot

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Ideal for large-scale growers, the Bottomless Fabric Pot is designed to save time and labor costs, while still encouraging thriving root systems. To use the Bottomless Fabric Pot, place it on a saucer or tray then fill with soil and a new plant clone or seedling. When the sleeve has filled with roots, place it directly on top of the soil in your Grassroots fabric pot or bed. The roots will continue to expand out the bottom of the sleeve as the plant grows. It can remain in place throughout its lifecycle. After harvest is complete, leave the old sleeve in place, keeping the root systems intact. At the start of the next season, you can place the new seedling in another Bottomless Fabric Pot right next to the first one. When the old root system is gone, you can remove the old sleeve and re-plant in the original location. 

Fabric Pot Features

Breathable Fabric

Provides better aeration and air pruning for healthier roots. Allows the plant’s root systems to share space and nutrients. 

Sturdy Construction

Double-stitched bottom seam on the outside to extend product lifespan. All fabric containers 30 gallons or more are triple hemmed for added durability.

Ultimate Convenience

Lightweight material is easy to move, machine washable, and folds small for storage.

Reliable Materials

Handcrafted with an American-made polypropylene and high-performance bonded thread for mold and mildew resistance. All materials are environmentally friendly and chemically stable. They’re also free of BPA and heavy metals.

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