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S1E1 - Seeds of Controversy (Featuring Jorge Cervantes, Ben Lind, and Dr Riley Kirk!)

S1E1 - Seeds of Controversy (Featuring Jorge Cervantes, Ben Lind, and Dr Riley Kirk!)

An introduction to the history and controversy of cannabis

In this episode, we explores the roots of cannabis, the history of cannabis criminalization, the controversy surrounding cannabis seeds, the importance of growing and preserving genetics, the Blaze Botanical Latitude and Zonal Evaluation Citizen Science Project, the stigma and controversy of triploid cannabis seeds, the impact of cannabis cultivation on the monarch butterfly and biodiversity, the benefits of outdoor cannabis cultivation, and the contributions of women in the cannabis industry.


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  • Cannabis has a rich history dating back thousands of years and has been used for various purposes in different cultures.
  • The war on drugs and cannabis criminalization have disproportionately affected marginalized communities.
  • There is controversy surrounding triploid cannabis seeds, but they offer potential benefits in terms of higher yields and seedless cannabis.
  • Growing and preserving genetics is important for maintaining biodiversity and ensuring the availability of diverse cannabis strains.
  • Outdoor cannabis cultivation has been found to have higher levels of secondary metabolites and a greater diversity of compounds compared to indoor cultivation.-The monarch butterfly population is declining, and planting milkweed can help support their survival.
  • Women have made significant contributions to the cannabis industry and continue to play a vital role in its development.


  • 00:00 The Roots of Cannabis
  • 09:22 The War on Drugs and Cannabis Criminalization
  • 13:07 The Controversy Surrounding Cannabis Seeds
  • 25:38 The Blaze Botanical Latitude and Zonal Evaluation Citizen Science Project
  • 27:03 The Stigma and Controversy of Triploid Cannabis Seeds
  • 36:26 The Monarch Butterfly and Biodiversity
  • 41:02 The Benefits of Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation
  • 46:57 Women of Weed

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