Sun Grown Stories

"Tales from a Holistic Garden" is a captivating podcast that embarks on a unique journey, tracing the lifecycle of the OG Kush strain through our citizen science project, BLAZE. This podcast dives deep into the art and science of cultivation, bringing together insights from industry leaders, cultural histories, and the comprehensive world of cannabis. It advocates for the empowering experience of growing one's own medicine, particularly through outdoor methods.

From discussions on pot and politics to medicinal miracles and the global cannabis narrative, we explore every facet of the plant. Our episodes feature exclusive interviews with luminaries such as Jeff Lowenfells, Jorge Cervantes, Dr. Riley Kirk, Ben Lind, Bess Byers, Dr. Pepper Hernandez, Luna Stower, and many more. "Sun Grown Stories" promises an enlightening exploration of why everyone, who can, should consider cultivating their own cannabis, highlighting its benefits, cultural significance, and the transformative journey of growing from seed to soul.

BLAZE Grow Along

BLAZE - Botanical Latitude and Zone Evaluation ventures beyond traditional Grow Alongs. It stands as a beacon of citizen science, dedicated to mapping the intricacies of cannabis cultivation across diverse climates, hardiness zones, and latitudes. Your participation in BLAZE is more than just growing alongside peers; it's a valuable contribution towards crafting a comprehensive guide for outdoor cannabis cultivation worldwide.

Engage with us in this unique endeavor. Together, we will not only share in the journey of growth but also in the pioneering task of delineating growing zones tailored for cannabis.

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Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes is a world-renowned expert on indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. With more than thirty-five years of cannabis growing knowledge and hands-on experience, his books, articles, photographs and instructional DVDs have been sold worldwide to apply simple, effective horticultural techniques to high-yield gardens.

  • “Jorge Cervantes is the most trusted name in marijuana cultivation” – High Times magazine
  • 2015 Gold Benjamin Franklin Award for the Cannabis Encyclopedia – Independent Book Publishers Association
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Jeff Lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels is the author of the acclaimed quadrilogy known as The Teaming Series" and co-hosts the "Teaming With Microbes" podcast. He is also a lawyer who writes the longest running garden column in North America, having never missed a week in 41 years.

Most important, Jeff is the founder of a now national program that started as "Plant a Row for Bean's," the soup kitchen in Anchorage, and is now "Plant A Row for The Hungry."

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Humboldt Seed Company

Ben Lind

Ben Lind, Co-founder & Chief Science Officer of Humboldt Seed Company grew up immersed in the cannabis industry. His early interest in cannabis genetics was passed down from within his family who taught him the importance of breeding seeds to ensure the next year’s harvest.

Creating stable, award-winning seed lines that push the boundaries of what we thought possible is his primary focus. He dreams of a day when cannabis is globally recognized for its role in shaping cultures past, present and future.

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Dr. Riley Kirk

Dr. Riley Kirk is a cannabis research scientist and a cannabis educator. She obtainedher Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences, specializing in natural product chemistry whereshe studied the traditional and contemporary uses of hundreds of medicinal plants.

Riley is the co-founder of the fiscally sponsored non-profit organization called the Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP). NAP is using science as advocacy to research and communicate findings that highlight the unique power of natural products.

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