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Prelude Episode with The Humboldt Seed Company & Jorge Cervantes




In this prelude episode, the host introduces herself and her background in cultivation. She shares her passion for teaching people how to grow their own medicine and the benefits of doing so. The host then explains the concept of a citizen science project and what BLAZE aims to bring to the community. She invites listeners to participate in the project, with FREE SEEDS from The Humboldt Seed Company. The host also gives an overview of the podcast format and the guests who will be featured. She concludes with a call to action for listeners to sign up and participate in the project.


Featured Guests
Jorge Cervantes -
Ben Lind Co-Owner of The Humboldt Seed Company -

Growing your own medicine can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to obtain medicine. Citizen science projects can help gather valuable data and create growing zones for sun grown cultivation. The podcast will feature interviews, discussions, and educational content related to sun grown cultivation.

Chapters 00:00 - Introduction and Background
03:13 - Transition to Teaching Cannabis Cultivation
04:35 - Introduction to the Citizen Science Project
08:54 - Purpose of the Podcast
09:20 - Explanation of Triploid and Diploid Cannabis Seeds
15:44 - Participation in the Citizen Science Project
18:52 - Excitement for the Project and Season Outline
20:51 - Call to Support and Be a Part of Cannabis History
21:47 - Conclusion and Invitation to Participate

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Botanical Latitude and Zone Evaluation ventures beyond traditional Grow-Alongs. It stands as a beacon of citizen science, dedicated to mapping the intricacies of cultivation across diverse climates, hardiness zones, and latitudes. Your participation in BLAZE is more than just growing alongside peers; it's a valuable contribution towards crafting a comprehensive guide for sun grown cultivation worldwide. Engage with us in this unique endeavor. Together, we will not only share in the journey of growth but also in the pioneering task of delineating growing zones tailored for sun grown.

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