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S1 E2: Women of Weed (Featuring Dr. Riley Kirk, Luna Stower, Bess Byers & Kimi Mullen!)

S1 E2: Women of Weed (Featuring Dr. Riley Kirk, Luna Stower, Bess Byers & Kimi Mullen!)

Welcome to "Sun Grown Stories," where we dive deep into the heart of cannabis cultivation, sustainability, and the incredible individuals shaping the industry. In today's episode, "Women of Weed," we're celebrating Women's Day by shining a light on the vital role of female cannabis plants and the trailblazing women in the cannabis field.

Episode Highlights:

- The Importance of Female Cannabis Plants

  Learn why female plants are crucial for producing seedless, high-quality cannabis flowers, and explore the history and science behind feminized seeds. **(Season 1, Episode 2)**

- Spotlight on Women in Cannabis 

 Hear from several influential women making waves across various sectors of the cannabis industry, from commercial cultivation and medicinal research to brand building, political activism, and more.

  • ¬†Kimi Mullen of Jackalope Farms shares her journey and innovative cultivation techniques in Oklahoma, highlighting the sustainability and resilience of hugelkultur.¬†
  • Dr. Riley Kirk, a cannabis scientist and educator, discusses bridging the gap in consumer education and advocating for cannabis through science.
  • Luna Stower talks about her work in fostering corporate social responsibility and supporting legacy growers and small cannabis operations.
  • ¬†Bess Byers (Canna Bess), combines her passion for photography, cannabis advocacy, and political journalism to influence positive changes in cannabis policies.

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Next Episode Preview:

Don't miss our next episode focused on seed germination and creating the perfect environment for your seedlings. Get expert tips and tricks to ensure your cannabis plants have the best start possible.

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