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The grow lights of choice in gardens & greenhouses for the last 40 years have been HID's. Then the LED revolution started to gain traction from 2011-2015.

Yet it just wasn't there. 2 premiere high end indoor gardening LED grow light companies merged in 2015-- Johnson & Northern Grow Lights-- bringing ultra high tech commercial LED gardening to market for hobbyists/professionals in the hydroponics & "Big Ag" industries.

Growers looking to remove HPS (& other HID's) + lower electricity costs by 60% while eradicating 80% of heat caused by HID's, same time increasing yields by approx 50% utilizing the same electricity draw used by commercial growers? LED's, the way you expect them are here.

Don't be fooled by companies charging $1,000's of dollars for $300 worth of parts. Put your lights to the test & challenge HLG LED's. 100% money back guarantee.

HLG - Horticulture Lighting Group

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