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  • "This is a great class taught by some great people... It was a great environment to gain knowledge and¬†get some advice that was much more personal to my situation than any forum, podcast, or article could provide. I was able to actually see my own soil biology, find the problems I had with it, learn why I had a problem, and learn how I can fix it. Just a totally invaluable experience for me!"-RoundedBall
  • "Do you want to learn about naturally working your land to benefit your garden? Do you need advice on homemade¬†inputs, or want more natural gardening options at your disposal? Do you want to see what a real live nematode looks like, in your soil? If so, do yourself a favor and GET IN ON THE NEXT GROW CLASS! You won't regret it!"-GnarlyRoots Cannabis
  • "Queen of the Sun provided an informative and interactive soil biology class with practical advice and tips for organic gardening that extends well beyond cannabis cultivation. This is a great class for anyone interested in better understanding what‚Äôs happening on a microbial level to improve plant production. 10/10 would recommend!"-OkieChronicles

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