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Queen of the Sun Grown

Holistic Horticulture Class Series: Start Your Sun Grown Garden Today (Part 1)

Holistic Horticulture Class Series: Start Your Sun Grown Garden Today (Part 1)

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After this class you should feel comfortable planning your outdoor garden and utilizing the most sustainable methods. The three pillars of sustainability are having a positive impact on your environmental, community, and economics in a system that can be
used indefinitely.

Topics Covered 

Genetic Selection: Choose from breeders who work with strains that are hardy and adaptable to varying outdoor environments.
Starting Seeds: How and when to start seeds for optimal growth.
Garden Location: Pick a space with plenty of resources, sunlight, water, and accessibility.
Growing Style: Sea of Green vs solo plants, plant count and work involved.
Ground vs Container: Pros and cons of planting in the ground vs containers.
Potting Mix: How to make your own super soil, buy bulk, or bagged.
Amending Soil: Review list of affordable dry amendments and how to apply them.
Feeding Schedule: Recipes for vegetative growth, maximizing yield, and saving money.
Maximize Yield: Auto flowers or light deprivation for multiple harvest outdoors.

What's Included

  • Over two hours of recorded instruction
  • Supplemental PDF content and recipes 
    • Taste the Terps - Ecosystem Diversity and Terpene Synthesis
    • Potting Mix Recipe 
    • Soil Amendment List
    • Essential Plant Nutrients
    • Vegetative Tea Recipe
    • Vegetative Foliar Recipe
    • Compost Guide
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