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SD Microbes

BierKashi Bokashi 5 to 50 lbs

BierKashi Bokashi 5 to 50 lbs

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SD Microbes BierKashi Bokashi is made with recycled Organic spent brewers grains from Protector Brewing Company, San Diego's first and only Organic brewery! This up-cycled/recycled substrate is mixed with Organic Red Flaky Wheat Bran to grow out our BrewKashi Microbial Inoculum, LactoBacillus Casei, and other natural farming inputs as food for these microbes. Our BierKashi Bokashi is then fermented in 200 lb batches for 3 weeks and then dried for storage. 

 Top uses include: 

-Odor Eliminator: 

Lactic Acid Microbes inoculated into the BierKashi Bokashi work to fight the bad odor causing microbes such as animal odors in Chicken Coops, Cat Litter Boxes, Reptile Cages, Etc. 

- Food Scrap Recycling/Composting:

With BierKashi Bokashi Composting no food scraps are "food waste"! Let's use that valuable resource you paid so much for at the grocery store and use it to build soil in your garden fast! Through Lactic Acid fermentation we can compost things you normally would not compost such as meat, and dairy products! 

-Microbial Activator:

BierKashi Bokashi is loaded with beneficial bacterias and fungi. These microbes help aid nutrient cycling in soil . Simply top dress a handful in each plant and water in. 


~ Biodegradeable Packaging:

At SD Microbes we care deeply about the environment and leaving a better world for future generations. Our BierKashi Bokashi is packaged in a Biodegradable and reusable burlap sack with biodegradable liner. All orders are packed with non reinforced paper tape to further minimize plastic waste where we can.


~Every order Plants 1 Tree for Reforestation:

!!FREE Shipping on all Bokashi and Bokashi Composting Systems!!


Organic Spent Beer Grains From Protector Brewing San Diego.
Organic Red Flakey Wheat Bran
Purified Water
Azomite Trace Minerals
Fermented Comfrey and Beet Root FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)
Organic Unsulphured Molasses
Lactic Acid Bacteria (LactoBacillus Casei)

Size Options:

5 Lbs BierKashi Bokashi = 1 bag

10 lbs BierKashi Bokashi = 2 bags

25 lbs BierKashi Bokashi = 1 large 25 lb bag

50 lbs BierKashi Bokashi = 2 Large 25 lb bags

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