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Holistic Horticulture Class Series: How to Grow Big Buds Sustainably (Part 2)

Holistic Horticulture Class Series: How to Grow Big Buds Sustainably (Part 2)

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After this class you should feel comfortable transplanting your outdoor garden and maximizing your harvest utilizing the most sustainable methods.

The three pillars of sustainability are having a positive impact on your environmental, community, and economics in a system that can be used indefinitely.

Topics Covered 

Prepare Your Garden: From cover crop and compost to amending with organic fertilizers.
Prune & Propagate: How and when to prune your plants for optimal growth and how to propagate clones.
Mulch: How to increase soil moisture, increase fungal growth and why it's important.
Irrigate: Improve watering efficiency for both Sea of Green vs solo plants.
Transplant & Inoculate: Tips and tricks to reduce transplant shock and what type of microbes to inoculate with.
Trellis & Support: How to trellis your plant for optimal support and yield.
Microbial Growth: Target specific populations for Phosphorous solubilization.
Feeding Schedule: Recipes for flowering stage of growth.
Improve Yield: Increase yield by promoting optimal plant health through balanced ratio of nutrients, watering, and pruning!

What's Included

  • Over two hours of recorded instruction
  • Supplemental PDF content and recipes 
    • Tissue Culture Recipe for Propoagation
    • Soil Science Excerpt from The Living Soil Masterclass
    • Soil Amendment List
    • Jar Shake Test
    • Mycorrhizae us not Rocket Science Article
    • Phosphorous in Living Soil Article
    • Bloom Booster Tea Recipe
    • DIY Rooting Hormone Recipe
    • How to Clone Video
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